• High Quality and  Reliability

    High Quality and Reliability

    Customer design and redesign, manufacturing of semi and final products, and assembly.

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  • Product range produced in G – M&M

    Product range produced in G – M&M

    G-M&M manufactures different electric and battery hand tools for known buyers.

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Company G-M&M


Our privetly owned company G-M&M, d.o.o. Grosuplje, Slovenia, was founded in 1993 as a legal successor of a Joint Venture Company with more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing, designing, services, sales and marketing.

The company continues to develop technologically, has a solid machine park and highly skilled staff, excellent R&D team and widely spread network of specialized subcontractors (covering Al casting, Al pressed casting, zincing and all kind of other anti-corrosion protection).

Today G-M&M has a 6,400 sq.m production area, 60 employees and owns 35,000 sq. m of land around the premises.

Why choose the G – M&M production?

  • Highly skilled engineering and development partner
  • Highly skilled staff, high level of quality control – certificates ISO 9001:2008 , ISO 14000:2004, and excellent references in supplier score cards
  • Custom design and redesign, manufacturing of semi and final products, assembly
  • Many years of experience, highly responsive
  • Direct cooperation with subcontractors (in industrial development clusters) in our vicinity


Our Clients