Company G-M&M Proizvodnja in marketing

Our privetly owned company G-M&M, d.o.o. Grosuplje, Slovenia, was founded in 1993 as a legal successor of JV Company with more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing, designing, services, sales and marketing.

The company continues to develop technologically, has a solid machine park and highly skilled staff, excellent R&D team and widely spread network of specialized subcontractors (covering Al casting, Al pressed casting, zincing and all kind of anti-corrosion protection).

Today G-M&M has a 6,400 sq.m production area, 60 employees and owns 35,000 sq. m of land around the premises.

We offer our customers the following services: R&D, designing and redesigning, manufacturing machine tools, CNC machining, bending and turning, laser cutting, pressing by eccentric presses, cutting, welding, assembling, anti-corrosion protection and Al casting.

Let me mention some, from the reference list of our customers:  Stanley Black&Decker, Bosch, Würth, Exact Tools, Trend. Our customers appreciate our services, especially the work we do in industrial design, development, redesigning and cost-saving. We work hard to be a successful and highly competitive developmental supplier. Our working standards reach and exceed the ISO (ISO 9001 from 1996 and ISO 14001 from 2008) certificates along with many others we gained through our long standing career. Our team of professionals is always up for a new challenge, facing them with courage and intellect.

We are fully capable of doing business and cooperation in both English and German.

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